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Having a Snapchat wedding filter is an absolute must have now. Everyone is making one for their special day because it’s an easy and fun way to make a wedding even more memorable. When you add your very own custom Snapchat wedding filter, any photo or video taken in Snapchat at your wedding will have your personalized Geofilter available for your guests to enjoy. Your guests will love being able to use your wedding Geofilter to celebrate the occasion.

In this post, we are going to explain exactly how to make a Snapchat wedding filter. Making your own filter is surprisingly simple, and should only take you a few minutes to perfect.

The steps for that we are going to share for creating a custom Snapchat wedding filter are:

  1. Picking your wedding filter design.
  2. Customizing and personalizing your filter design.
  3. Saving your filter design.
  4. Setting your filter time and location.
  5. Start Snapping away!

How to make a Snapchat wedding filter:

Step 1: Pick your wedding filter design.

When you first go to create your custom Snapchat Geofilter for your wedding, you’ll begin by picking out a design that you like most. There are dozens upon dozens of designs to pick from. You will click here to find a design that you want to use. You must pick a design before you can move on to step 2.

Snapchat Wedding Filter Wedding Geofilter

Step 2: Customizing and personalizing your filter design.

After making your decision about which Snapchat wedding filter template you would like to use, you’ll now customize it for your day. Personalizing your filter means adding your text, changing the font style (if you want), changing colors (if you want), potentially adding in logos or images, or even adding in some fun emojis.

Snapchat has a decent amount of design guidelines that you need to follow. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your design will almost certainly be rejected by Snapchat (meaning your guests won’t be able to Snap with your Geofilter!). Make sure you don’t do the following things: use hashtags, put your first and last name (first name or last only… pick one, not both), put photographs of people, put website addresses, don’t put street addresses, and don’t put social media handles on the design. Lastly, you also should’t put profanity or anything inappropriate on your Geofilter design.

Snapchat Wedding Filter Wedding Geofilter Maker

Step 3: Saving your filter design.

After personalizing your design, you’ll do the next step (which is insanely easy!). You’ll save your design by pressing the bright orange “Save Your Filter” button.

Snapchat Wedding Filter Wedding Geofilter Save

Step 4: Setting your filter location and time.

After you’ve saved your design, you will be sent to the page where you set the location and time that you would like your Geofilter to be discovered during your wedding festivities. When you set your location, it will add a very small fee to your purchase. This fee shouldn’t ever be enough to dramatically impact your purchasing decision about your wedding Geofilter. The fee is required by Snapchat since a Geofilter is the same as buying an ad on Snapchat, but it also helps fight spam (if Geofilters were free, Snapchat wouldn’t be enjoyable!).

When you are setting your address, you should be as precise as possible. Make sure you say the building nubmer, street name, and add the zip code. The more precise you are about the location, the better. After you’ve set your location, you’ll set the time that you want your Geofilter active. Once you have set the time that you want to activate your filter you will also set the duration that you want it active for. Most people keen theirs active for 12 hours during a wedding, but some do 2 days for the entire weekend.

Snapchat Wedding Filter Wedding Geofilter Time Location

Step 5: Start Snapping away!

That’s it! Your custom filter is ready to use on New Year’s. You will be able to start using your filter design at the time and location that you set in step 4. Enjoy your New Year’s filter!

How to make a Snapchat wedding filter