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Snapchat has started testing out new deep linking and auto-filling functionality. Both features are geared towards advertisers as a way to increase the app’s social commerce capabilities.

This functionality already exists in Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so marketers are keen to have these features available to them. The deep linking functionality is something that advertisers are already keen on because it makes it so that a user can swipe or tap on a product and go to a webpage where they can purchase the product from the app.

In addition to testing deep link advertisements, Snapchat is also testing a new auto-fill feature. This functionality allows users to instantly fill in their payment information with their contact details so that goods could be purchased directly through the app.

While Snapchat doesn’t have the same commerce user interface as social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, many experts actually believe their user interface could give it a competitive edge on the commerce front.

Yory Wurmser,eMarketer analyst, explained to “Snap’s new features make its advertising platform more amenable to the type of direct response advertising that could make it a social commerce player.” Adding, “Mobile retail above all is about relevant, compelling images and simplicity.”

The Snapchat demographic, largely just teens and Millennials, make it an ideal platform for brands to reach a plethora of new, valuable customers.

Mike Rowland, director in West Monroe Partners’ Customer Experience practice, told The Street: “The appeal to reach a younger demographic will be high, especially among lifestyle brands that want to engage and sell to digital natives.” Adding, “There is a logical opportunity in Snapchat’s Discover channel where users can ‘discover’ new products. The addition of a buy button here is natural.”

Commerce on social media is a quickly expanding sector. Recently, particularly, in Southeast Asia, 30% of all online sales happened on a social networking website or app. In Southeast Asia, 80% of consumers use social networks to both contact vendors and research products they’re thinking about purchasing.

In the United States, social media commerce hasn’t really taken off yet. GlobalWebIndex found that only 7% of the 287 million Internet American users turn to social media to make purchases. The opportunity for Snapchat to own the social media commerce space in the United States is huge, which is likely why they now have their sights on it.