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If you’re a giant fan of Snapchat, it’s only natural that you’d want to have a costume that perfectly matches your favorite social network. There are a lot of fun ideas for Snapchat Halloween Costume ideas, and we’re going to go through the ideas that we think are best.

The costumes will range from transforming your face with makeup to die hard Snapchat hot dog fan. Additionally, when you pair your Snapchat Halloween costume with a custom Halloween Geofilter, your friends will know that you’re the best at Snapping away!

Enjoy these easy to create Snapchat Halloween costume ideas:

1. Butterfly Crown

Butterfly Crown Snapchat Halloween Costume

The butterfly filter on Snapchat is one of the most popular of the year. Not only does it give you a fun crown, but it also gives you flawless skin! You can easily bring this costume to life with the right headband, shoes, lipstick, and more.

Butterfly Crown Snapchat Halloween Costume Ideas

2. Puppy Filter

Puppy Filter Snapchat Halloween

The legendary Snapchat puppy filter is a naturally fun idea for any Snap-lover this Halloween. To bring this costume to life, you’ll need a puppy headband, the right lipstick, fun bone earrings and a few other items. Here’s what we recommend you snag to be the Snapchat puppy filter:

Puppy Filter Snapchat Halloween Costume

4. Flower Crown

Flower Crown Snapchat Halloween

Everyone LOVES the flower crown on Snapchat. If you’re one of those people, you’ll for sure want to enjoy this costume on Halloween. Besides being a fun design that all of your friends will envy, you wont need to spend much money to pull off this look. Here are the couple of items you’ll need:

Flower Crown Snapchat Halloween Costume

5. Hot Dog

Dancing Hot Dog Snapchat Halloween

The biggest Snapchat hit of 2017 was the dancing hot dog. Luckily for you, this legendary Snapchat character has been made into a Halloween costume by Snapchat (seriously!). Click here to learn more about this crazy Snapchat Halloween costume idea.


Snapchat Hot Dog Costume