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While Facebook has been on a spree copying Snapchat features, Snap seems to be be unworried about this and is instead focused on being one step ahead. The latest feature to come to Snapchat is augmented reality (AR) gaming.

A feature like AR gamging is important because Snapchat likely knows that it can’t stop Facebook from cloning it’s most popular features and then distributing those features to a much bigger user base. This is likely going to force Snap to innovate faster so that they can  keep their audience engaged and continue growing their active user count.

A new feature that aims to engage and grow the Snapchat audience is an augmented reality gaming feature.

This new feature has been quietly introduced, but some users are reporting that specific lenses now have games within them. When selecting a “gamified” lens, a new option appears that invites the use to “double tap to upgrade filter.”


Snapchat AR Gaming

Double tapping the screen will switch the camera to be facing away from your face and activate the new World lenses that became available in November. The specific gamified lenses will make you look for 5 augmented reality gems around you. When you successfully find the 5 gems, it will unlock new upgraded lenses.