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One of the most popular types of Snapchat Geofilters now being made are Snapchat church filters. Churches are making year-long filters for members to use because it’s a simple and fun way to capture powerful moments and add even more meaning to them. Church members absolutely love using Snapchat Geofilters, which is why making your own could be a great idea.

In this post, we will explain exactly how you can make a Snapchat church filter. It’s insanely simple to create your own filter. The entire Geofilter creation process only takes about 5 minutes (it’s that simple!).

We will cover all 5 steps for creating a Snapchat church filters. These steps are:

  1. Pick your church filter design.
  2. Customize your church design (change fonts, add logos, etc.).
  3. Save your design.
  4. Set your filter duration and location.
  5. Start using your filter in Snapchat!

How to make a Snapchat church filter:

Step 1: Pick a church filter design.

The first step for creating your church filter is picking the design you’re most keen on using. You will click here to pick a design to start working with. Once you have picked a church Geofilter design that you like most, you’ll press on it and go to the individual filter page. On the individual filter page you will be able to start customizing your design.

Snapchat Church Filter Geofilter Browse

Step 2: Custom your church filter.

Once you have decided on which Snapchat church template you want to start using, you will press it so that you end up on the filter page. On the filter page, you will see that you can now edit your design. Using the editor on your screen, you can add your own text, add more text, change fonts, change font colors, add emojis, and more. The possibilities for how you can edit your design are pretty much endless.

When you’re editing your design, you should keep in mind that Snapchat has a lot of strict design guidelines. If you break their design guidelines, you will see your design rejected and it won’t be discoverable in Snapchat for you and everyone in your church to use. The things that will get your design rejected are: using hashtags, putting full names (first and last) on a filter, putting social media handles, putting phone numbers, putting address, and putting photos of people. You also can’t use profanity… but since this is a tutorial for creating a church Geofilter, we’re guessing that won’t be a problem 🙂


Snapchat Church Filter Geofilter Custom

Step 3: Save your church filter design.

After you’ve finished personalizing your Geofilter design (I bet it looks awesome!), you will need to save it. To save your design, look for the “Save Your Design” button. Press it to move onto the activation step.

Snapchat Church Filter Geofilter Save

Step 4: Set your filter location and duration.

You’re almost done creating your Geofilter (I told you it’s easy to do!). The final step before you can use and enjoy your Snapchat filter is setting the time and duration that you want it to be discoverable in Snapchat for. The activation fee here is required by Snapchat. It’s required because launching this Geofilter is the exact same thing as buying an ad on Snapchat. In addition, by charging a fee for Geofilters, it fights spam and keeps the quality of filters in the app high.

After selecting the duration that you want your Geofilter live for, you will need to set the address that it’s discoverable around. You need to include your building number, street name, and zip code to have your Geofilter activation be as accurate as possible.

Most churches do the annual Snapchat Geofilter activation option because it provides the best value. When you activate your Geofilter for a year, you are paying almost the exact same price as activating it for just a month. (11 months free this way)


Snapchat Church Filter Geofilter Geofence

Step 5: Start Snapping away!

That’s it! Your custom filter is ready to use on New Year’s. You will be able to start using your filter design at the time and location that you set in step 4. Enjoy your New Year’s filter!

Snapchat Church Filter CTA