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One of the best and most cost effective marketings tactics for restaurants is, hands down, creating an On-Demand Geofilter in Snapchat. 

Creating a Snapchat Geofilter for your restaurant is a fantastic idea because Snapchat now has over 150 million daily active users. It has rapidly grown to be one of the “big four” social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now Snapchat). When a restaurant taps into Snapchat’s young and engaged audience, it has the opportunity to capture new customers and make current customers even more loyal.

Creating and offering a Snapchat Geofilter for your restaurant is a fun, exciting, and smart way to capitalize on Snapchat’s explosive popularity.

Making Your Restaurant Snapchat Filter

Geofilters were one of the first features beyond photos and video sharing to come to Snapchat. They’re wildly popular and it’s almost unheard of to send or receive a Snap without a Geofilter on it.

However, before we dig into how to make a Snapchat Restaurant Geofilter, we want to give a crash course on what exactly a Geofilter is (and why they’re so important for a restaurant).

A Geofilter is a graphic overlay that goes on top of a video or photo in Snapchat. You can think of it as a digital sticker that shows a persons location in a fun and exciting way. This is naturally very valuable for a restaurant because this means that, when a person is sharing photos of your food and location, they have the opportunity to place your logo on their photos and videos. When a person places your logo on their images, they’re effectively creating ads for you and then sharing their experience with their friends and followers on Snapchat. Friend-to-friend referrals of business is HUGE for growing your customer-base.

Growing your customer-base becomes noticeably easier when you have a Snapchat Geofilter. To start engaging with your customers in Snapchat, you need to create your Geofilter design. The best place to start is here. When you click that link, you’ll be brought to a large selection of business filter designs. If you want, you could also click here to start with a blank template. You don’t need any design skills to get your filter created. Simple find a template or start with the blank template and press “Add Logo” to personalize the design. You can also add text such as your city or town to make your design even more engaging for your customers.


Snapchat Restaurant Geofilters


When you’re customizing your design, it’s important to keep a few Snapchat design guidelines in mind. Don’t add contact information, because Snapchat will reject your design and remove that portion of your design. By contact information, we mean address, phone number, social media handles, website URL, and similar.

Once you have your design created, you will use FilterPop to determine a Geofilter subscription method that works best for you. The subscription choices are:

  • Annual: You pay for your Geofilter for a year at once. This may appear to be the most expensive option at first– but when you break it down by cost per day, it’s substantially cheaper. The total daily cost would end up being something like $3 per day versus $20+ per day using more short-term options. Additionally, you can change your design out for special events such as a holiday or to promote a special deal.
  • Monthly: You can also pay for your Geofilter monthly. Paying for your Geofilter monthly is a great option if you don’t want to spend the annual fee amount at once. Your monthly Geofilter has the same perks as an annual restaurant Geofilter. You can view stats on usage, change the design for special events, and also get access to a Geofilter account manager.
  • Weekly: This option is really unique. If you’re a restaurant that has one day you just want to target, you can go with the weekly subscription option. The weekly subscription allows you to pick a day to have your Geofilter go live, and it will turn on exactly at the same time each week. For example, if you’re a restaurant that turns into a bar at night, you may want to have a FilterPop Geofilter turn on every Friday at 6PM for 12 hours.
  • One time: If you just want a filter for a short duration, you can also do this. Just select the amount of days that you want your Geofilter to be active and it’ll be good for that duration.

Once you have picked a Geofilter subscription option that is best for your business, you’re almost done (this was seriously simple to do, right?!). You now just need to enter your billing information, set your location, and specify the date when you want your Geofilter to become active.

Once your Geofilter has been active for about 24 hours, you’ll start to be able to see stats on usage. The usage stats that you will see include:

  • Swipes: The amount of people who saw your filter design after taking a photo or video in your restaurant.
  • Uses: The amount of people who used your filter design after swiping on it at your restaurant.
  • Views: The amount of people who saw a video or photo in Snapchat after a Snap with your logo/graphic was shared with them.

Seeing your stats is a great way to keep track of the effectiveness of your Geofilter. If at first you don’t see stats as high as you expect, you should just give it some time. Allow your Geofilter to become known and build up some momentum organically.

Have you creating your own Geofilter graphic for your restaurant? Share it in the comments below to show everyone!

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