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New Years Eve is one of the most Snapped days of the year. It makes sense since everyone has their phones in their hands with Snapchat open – using crazy face filters or image filters. In this post, we are going to tell you exactly how you can make your own New Years Snapchat filter in just 5 minutes. Let’s dive in!

The steps for making a New Years Snapchat Filter are crazy simple. It should just take you a few minutes to make a memorable Geofilter:

  1. Go to the website or use the app. (click here)
  2. Find a design you want and customize it.
  3. Send it to Snapchat!
  4. Use on Snapchat!

Here is how to make a New Years Snapchat Filter:

Step 1: Go to the Website or Use the App

The first step for making your New Years Snapchat Filter is to go to the website or app for making Geofilters. You can click here to do the first step. In this tutorial, all of our screenshots will be of the FilterPop app. However, the experience and way to make a New Years Geofilter on the website is almost exactly the same (it just looks different).


Step 2: Find a Design You Want and Customize It

Finding a design and customizing it is ALMOST the most fun step of the Snapchat Geofilter creating process — with the most fun moment being when you actually use your filter with your friends. Within step 2, there are a kind of “mini” steps. Let’s check out the few actions you’ll need to take:

1. Browse the New Years filter designs:

Snapchat New Years Filter - Pick Design

2. Confirm the design you want to use:

Snapchat New Years Filter - Confirm


3. Start to edit your design with text and stickers!

You’ll first see a blank canvas to start with:

Snapchat New Years Filter - Start Edit

We suggest using glitter text for your New Years Filter on Snapchat!

Snapchat New Years Filter - Text Added


Step 3: Send it to Snapchat!

Sending it to Snapchat only takes a few moments. This is where you select the time and date and wait for the Snap Gods to review and approve (or potentially reject it… but they’ll tell you why it’s rejected so you can fix it!).

The first part for sending it to Snapchat is to select the location. Here’s where you decide the time and place for your filter to appear in the Snapchat app:


You’ll then click on “Submit Filter” once you’ve double checked all of your Geofilter details:

Snapchat New Years Filter - Confirm Info


Step 4: Use on Snapchat!

You did it! You make your Snapchat Filter for New Years! Now you’ll be able to use it and enjoy it with your friends while sharing your NYE memories.

Snapchat New Years Filter - Use Filter


Ready to make your New Years Filter?

Getting started is just a click away! Click here to start making your New Years Snapchat Geofilter.

New Years Snapchat Filter CTA