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Snapchat has finally added the ability to create custom stories for your friends and family, or can only become discoverable within a distinct Geofenced area. The new Custom Stories product is something that a lot of FilterPop users have been asking for, so this is a fun addition to Snapchat that people will for sure love.

Creating a custom Story is a great fit for Geofilters because they make it easier to view and enjoy special occasions in an organized way on Snapchat. Now, when you have a wedding or birthday, you can stories that anyone within a defined group can enjoy with you or also contribute to.

How to make a custom Snapchat Story:

In this post, we will walk you through exactly how to create your own custom stories for groups of friends and family members. These custom stories, like regular Snapchat Stories, will disappear from the Snapchat app after 24 hours. There are two types of custom Storires that Snapchat users will be able to create: Geofenced Storires and non-Geofenced Stories.

Non-Geofenced Custom Stories:

When you create a non-geofenced custom Story, you are able to set up and create stories that specific friends can How to make a custom Snapchat Storysee and contribute to. You can also select additional friends that you want to be able to simply just view the stories, too. If you want some people to only be able to watch but not contribute, this is something that can be done.

Geofenced Custom Stories:

On the other side of the spectrum are Geofenced Custom Stories. Geofenced customer stories mean that you will select a specific area and any friend within the specific area can contribute to your story. You can also set this up so that friends of friends can view these custom Stories. Allowing friends of friends to be able to engage with Geofenced Stories is especially useful at events such as weddings where the people that you’re with may not be friends with each other on Snapchat (yet!). For Geofenced Stories, TechCrunch is reporting that, “Geofenced stories don’t let you specify a separate group with just viewing permissions, so anyone within the geofence that falls into those categories (depending on which you choose) will be able to add to the Story, too.”

How to make a custom Snapchat Story GeofencedTo make your own custom Snapchat Story, just go to the Stories page and press on the “Create Story” icon near the top of the page. If you would like to contribute to a custom Story once you have joined a custom Story, look for it under the “My Story” header on your friends list.

Why this feature makes a lot of sense:

This new custom Story feature makes a lot of sense. Snapchat pushes heavily on the notion that Snapchat is meant for special events and occasions. This new feature makes it dead simple for users to more creatively create Stories, together.